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Each website is carefully made from a process that begins with research. After which a layout is created and transformed into a visual ready for approval. 

When a website is constructed it is made adaptable for all devices – from laptops/desktops to today’s enormous range of mobile devices. If you have a pre-existing domain name(s) and hosting that you wish to use, they can be implemented with the website.

During construction any CMS (content management system) can be installed. A person’s ability to effectively use them can vary greatly, and there are times when training is appropriate. I provide ongoing website training and support. Furthermore, I am more than happy to update content or install updates.

I also offer my service when marketing with and connecting to Google. The way Google functions and operates its search engine is very different to traditional marketing. I can provide advice and explain what is possible with Google and make sure any choices made are actioned.



Graphic Design
Whether a business needs branding, packaging, adverting for online and/or print media I can design it and format it appropriately for its intended use. Other services I offer include printing, image manipulation and video editing.

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